Summer Quality Self Assessment (QSA)

Expanded Learning Collaborative: Making the Most of K-12 Out-of-Schooltime Learning

Summer Quality Self Assessment (QSA)

The summer tool is aligned with the SF Afterschool Quality Self Assessment tool and the San Francisco Afterschool for All Core Competencies.  The tool is designed for summer program staff to assess and evaluate their programs.  It was developed by the National Summer Learning Association and the 2011-2012 AFA Program Quality Work Group.

View and download the summer QSA as a writeable PDF by clicking here.

You can also download each summer QSA section individually as writeable PDFs. The individual sections are below. To download, click on that section’s title.

QSA Summer Introductory Guide

Summer Section 1: Program Assessment and Design
Summer Section 2 and 3: Program Administration and Finance; Community Partnerships and Collaboration
Summer Section 4: Alignment and Linkages with the School Day
Summer Section 5: Program Environment and Safety
Summer Section 6: Youth Development
Summer Section 7: Staff Recruitment and Professional Development
Summer Section 8 and 9: Family Involvement; Nutrition and Physical Activity
Summer Section 10 and 11: Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Effectively Supporting English Language Learners

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