Core Competencies Toolkit

Expanded Learning Collaborative: Making the Most of K-12 Out-of-Schooltime Learning

Click on the links below to access tools designed to help you integrate the Core Competencies into your program.

Core Competency Poster
All the competences for line staff and supervisors, now in a handy poster format!

Core Competencies for Afterschool Staff
This file includes the competencies for both line staff and supervisors, along with example indicators for each.

Core Competencies Executive Summary

OnlineTraining Materials on Core Competencies
This webpage has the following training materials about core competencies:

  • AnĀ online training on core competencies for supervisors
  • An online training on core competencies for line staff
  • Handouts to accompany the online trainings so you can deliver it to your own staff/peers
  • Core competencies quiz sheet

Core Competency Toolkit
This file includes the entire comprehensive toolkit, with a host of ways that you can incorporate the competencies into your afterschool program. Each of these pieces of the complete toolkit may also be downloaded individually:

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