Introducing… The ELC Technical Assistance Project

Expanded Learning Collaborative: Making the Most of K-12 Out-of-Schooltime Learning

Introducing… The ELC Technical Assistance Project

The purpose of the Expanded Learning Collaborative Technical Assistance Project (ELC TAP) is to improve the quality of out of school time programs across San Francisco by increasing the awareness and use of common tools, encouraging peer learning and creating coherence in approaches to quality programming.

The project will consist of five principle activities.  All activities are open to anyone working in afterschool or summer programs for K-12 youth in San Francisco (regardless of how your program is funded) and all activities are FREE!

To learn more and/or to sign up, click here.

  1. Coaching:  The goal of the coaching is to improve program quality by providing on-site technical assistance to OST providers based on areas of need as mapped to the summer or afterschool Quality Self Assessment (QSA).  This part of the project will aim to serve 121 afterschool and summer program sites between September 2013 and April 2014.
  2. Trainings: The goal of the trainings is to increase the awareness of, and ability to use, resources created by AFA (now ELC), in order to create coherence in the language and tools used when addressing program quality throughout the city.  Thirteen trainings will be offered from September 2013 through April 2014.  Topics to be covered include the SF Core Competencies for afterschool and summer staff, the afterschool and summer Quality Self Assessment tools (QSAs), and the afterschool and summer Resource Guide.
  3. Brown Bags:  The goal of the Brown Bags is to increase program quality by encouraging networking and learning from peers, visiting and witnessing successful programs, and receiving support in replicating best practices.  Seven brown bags will be hosted from September 2013 through April 2014.
  4. Online Networking:  The goal of the online networking effort is to increase program quality by encouraging networking and learning from peers, providing a city-wide training and event calendar, and serving as a place to host important documents.
  5. Outreach Events:  The goal of participating in outreach events is to get the word out about the work that is being done by the ELC – particularly to parents/caregivers and the greater community – and bring on new, interested parties.  Outreach will be done at the SFUSD Enrollment Fair, the Summer Resource Fair, and the Bridging the Bay Conference.
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